Kobitex Import and Export was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1986. The company was later fully incorporated as Kobitex Inc in 1993. Since then we have grown our product offering through partnering with additional Turkish chemical manufacturers.

From the beginning, our philosophy has been to introduce and represent Turkey abroad. We have become a prominent Turkish chemical distributor, serving industries worldwide.

Kobitex is currently celebrating years in operation. We are proud to represent quality Turkish chemicals abroad, and we look forward to continuing to expand our product lines, develop relationships with new customers, and serve our customers as a dependable supplier.


Kobitex Inc is committed to providing our customers with service that both meets and exceeds their expectations. We aim to represent Turkey’s industrial chemicals across the globe. We do this by following 3 simple guidelines:


You can be assured that you can trust the chemical producers we work with. Along with them, we will work to not only serve you as a customer but work alongside you as a long term strategic partner. We are committed in helping you innovate and growing together.


We promise to uphold the utmost consistency in our service and the timely delivery of our products.


We only represent the best producers in Turkey that are registered under ISO 9000 and up standards and follow RESPONSIBLE CARE® programs in the production and distribution of chemicals. All of our producers are committed to assure you the best quality of our products.